Tapping into the $49B Identity Solutions Market - Why Okta?

By / October 5, 2021

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Key Facts
App name: Okta
Industry: Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Solutions: Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and Identity as a Service (IDaaS)
Global Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Today, your customers face a significant challenge balancing employee productivity vs. securing critical cloud-based apps, like Zoom, Salesforce and Slack. That's particularly true as more companies adopt remote or hybrid work environments. Organizations also struggle to keep their customers' identities secure within apps while delivering personalized, rich interactions.

The adoption of cloud technologies enables organizations to structure themselves more flexibly and productively. However, this flexibility is also pushing current security frameworks way past their limits. This environment creates an urgent and massive opportunity for Technology Advisors. In the post-COVID-19 scenario, the global digital identity solutions market size is projected to grow to $49.5 Billion by 2026, an estimated increase of 16% from 2021 to 2026.

By tapping into Okta’s robust identity portfolio and resources, you can help customers overcome security challenges to thrive in the digital economy. Kendall Collins, Chief Marketing Officer at Okta, highlighted in a recent blog post that identity is a critical part of the fabric of digital experiences: “...Organizations can balance security, great user experience, and efficient, effective IT processes.”

Okta is the world's #1 identity platform because it effectively secures access to on-prem apps and protects cloud apps, infrastructure and APIs.

Okta has an extensive portfolio of workforce identity and customer identity solutions, including tools for Identity and Access Management (IAM), Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and more. Okta is trusted by more than 13,000 global companies, such as Peloton, JetBlue, Nordstrom, Siemens, Slack, Takeda, Teach for America and Twilio.

Okta is the world's number one identity platform because it effectively secures access to on-prem apps and protects cloud apps, infrastructure and APIs. Okta's identity solutions also:

  • Enables companies to adopt a zero-trust security model
  • Centralizes IAM and enable day-one access to improve M&A agility
  • Reduce IT friction
  • Enhance collaboration with employees, partners and contractors

Okta’s Integration Network also features more than 7,000 pre-built integrations to applications and infrastructure providers. These integrations enable organizations to efficiently apply and adopt API authorization policies to create a frictionless registration and login experience for customers.

Learn more about this massive identity solutions opportunity and Okta’s Customer Identity and Workforce Identity SSO solutions.