Fixed Wireless - SLA Backed Solutions For Primary And Backup Connectivity

By / March 11, 2020

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How does fixed wireless work?

Fixed wireless is Line of Sight (LoS) technology that uses FCC regulated microwave and mmWave (Millimeter Wave) frequencies to transmit large amounts of data wirelessly between two fixed points (i.e. radios).

How is fixed wireless different from other connections?

Fixed wireless provides SLA-backed data connections that are quickly deployed, easily scalable, and highly reliable.

  • Rapid Installation with an average installation time of 5 to 14 business days.
  • High capacity wireless links provide bandwidth from 3Mbps to 1Gbs over many miles of distance.
  • Fixed wireless can provide high quality, quickly deployed connections for temporary events such as fairs, festivals, sporting events and construction sites.
  • Fully redundant paths to the customer premise can provide unparalleled network diversity.

How secure is fixed wireless?

Fixed wireless transmitters and receivers are generally mounted on secure towers (provider side) and secure rooftops (client side). This ensures that the equipment is physically protected and unable to be tampered with. The wireless connections utilize 128 bit AES and client side authentication which makes it as secure as a typical business class wired network.

Fixed Wireless Is A Practical Solution For Demanding Connectivity Needs

Fixed wireless provides the same business class connectivity, with a fraction of the setup and provisioning of most terrestrial solutions, at an affordable price point.