Diverse Technology Stack and Fast time-to-Resolution? Think Datadog

By / October 19, 2021

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Key Facts
App name: Datadog
Industry: Monitoring, Security and Analytics
Solutions: Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Infrastructure Monitoring
Global Headquarters: New York, NY

Today, your customers are running a number of business-critical applications across highly distributed, multi-cloud environments. And, whether it's popular SaaS products, or they’re running multiple customer-facing mobile apps, all users expect a flawless application experience. The problem is, it’s difficult to track and understand application performance data across multiple tools and services. Monitoring underlying IT infrastructures is also a challenge because there’s no single source of truth regarding infrastructure health, making it difficult to mitigate issues before they become major problems.

Let’s face it: organizations today lack clear visibility into the performance of applications, edge devices, cloud platforms and infrastructure health. That's because the entire application stack is diverse. Keeping up with cloud-native architectures requires moving away from disparate monitoring tools and breaking down silos between IT, development and the business.

The $12B performance monitoring opportunity

These challenges create a significant opportunity for Technology Advisors. Analysts predict the Global Application Performance Management (APM) Market is projected to reach $12B by 2026! AppSmart Technology Advisors who deliver unified monitoring solutions are in the best position to grow their businesses and drive customer success.

Powerful Monitoring, Proactive Problem Resolution

Datadog’s Modern APM solution provides unified, real-time observability of our customers’ entire technology stack. It correlates data from multiple sources - from frontend devices to databases - so your customers can efficiently monitor service dependencies, reduce latency and eliminate errors so that their users get the best possible experience. Brad Menezes, Director of Product Management at Datadog explains:

“We built Tracing without Limits™ [product functionality] so customers can avoid tradeoffs between full application visibility and cost. Tracing without Limits gives engineers 100% visibility into their users’ requests and stores only the problematic traces long-term for analysis, allowing for faster time-to-resolution for our customers.”

Datadog offers end-to-end analytics and performance monitoring, including integrations with third-party frameworks for unparalleled visibility - Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Go, or C++ applications. These capabilities enable your customers to monitor application performance of any stack, anywhere. Datadog was also named a leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for APM:

  • Customers can deploy application performance monitoring in seconds on hosts, containers, serverless functions and PaaS
  • Unified monitoring solution across all of their tools and services
  • Flexible solution to collect, monitor, and alert on key custom metrics for each individual system providing consistent performance data and understanding for product teams and stakeholders

Datadog also delivers complete visibility into infrastructure performance with a SaaS-based solution that provides metrics, visualizations and alerting. This platform enhances collaboration between IT and development teams to optimize cloud or hybrid environments.

Learn how complete performance monitoring solutions can drive your business growth and boost customer innovation. Visit the AppSmart Marketplace to learn about Datadog’s APM solution and Infrastructure Monitoring platform.