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AppDirect Named to the 2014 Empact100 Showcase

September 22, 2014

Award Honors Top Companies in the U.S. Led by Young Entrepreneurs; AppDirect Recognized for Revolutionizing the Way People Find, Buy and Manage Software

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., September 23, 2014 – AppDirect, the cloud service commerce company, today announced it has been named to the 2014 Empact100 Showcase. The award recognizes the top companies in the United States led by entrepreneurs age 35 and under, underscoring the impact these businesses are making on America’s economy. With strong, recent company momentum as a backdrop, today’s news comes as AppDirect kicks off its annual Partner Summit, a three-day event in San Francisco that features insights into the cloud services industry from leaders in the sector, networking, best practices discussions and more.

AppDirect’s founders, Daniel Saks and Nicolas Desmarais, started the company with the vision of giving small businesses easy access to enterprise-class software. They envisioned an advanced technology platform that unites providers and consumers of cloud services into a single ecosystem to find, buy and manage cloud services. Since its launch in 2011, AppDirect has been executing on that vision and has gone on to power and drive innovation for the application marketplaces of many of the largest providers across the globe as well as build a thriving ecosystem for cloud service commerce.

“At AppDirect, our vision from day one has been ensuring businesses have easy access to the software they need to be effective and productive,” said Saks. “We’ve made this vision a reality through development of an advanced technology platform and building a strong, connected ecosystem that unites providers and consumers of cloud services for incredibly easy access and engagement. We’re also continuing to add value to this ecosystem through our partnerships with leading global providers, innovative SaaS developers and new technology that makes the experience truly seamless.”

In addition to its leadership, AppDirect was selected based on the strength of its technology. Creating a platform that enables businesses to easily purchase and use cloud services can take years to build. The AppDirect monetization and management platform, however, enables companies to launch cloud marketplaces and offer best-of-class software from leading providers within a matter of weeks. With AppDirect, a company can quickly brand and launch an application marketplace with features, functionalities, and a user experience that rival well-known consumer app stores. AppDirect’s ecosystem also drives benefits across its network of marketplaces for developers, who can integrate their applications once and be available in numerous marketplaces operated by different brands around the world.

Called the “Academy Awards of Entrepreneurship,” the Empact Showcase draws participation from hundreds of companies but only the top 100 are chosen for the Empact100. AppDirect will present its business, share insights and knowledge, and celebrate entrepreneurship at the Empact Showcase event, which takes place October 29, 2014, at the United Nations in New York. For more information about the Empact Showcase, visit:

About AppDirect
AppDirect is the cloud service commerce leader making software and products accessible globally. The AppDirect monetization and management platform unites providers and consumers of cloud services into a single ecosystem. This makes it easy for businesses to find, buy and manage cloud services from a central location and delivers new opportunities for providers to distribute, sell, and market cloud services. AppDirect-powered marketplaces, billing and distribution, and reselling services help providers – including Samsung, Deutsche Telekom, Staples and others – connect 20 million business users to solutions from Microsoft, Google, Box and more. AppDirect is headquartered in San Francisco with global offices. Learn more at

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