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AppCarousel Expands Connected Car Platform with Monetization Suite

May 31, 2016

Suite offers all the capabilities needed by auto makers and their Tier 1 vendors to deploy, manage, and monetize apps, software, features and upgrades

San Francisco, CA, June 1, 2016 -- AppCarousel, the leading provider of software platforms for connected vehicles and the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced the launch of the AppCarousel Monetization Suite for the automotive market. The Monetization Suite builds on AppCarousel’s already successful Connected Car Platform to deliver the world’s only automotive platform that has a full package of subscriber management and monetization services. The Monetization Suite already securely delivers cloud services to millions of businesses worldwide, and is now being made available to the auto sector.

In today’s automotive market, once a vehicle leaves the dealership there is very little in the way of an ongoing digital relationship with the owner. However as automakers roll out cloud connectivity to their cars and deploy apps, IVI solutions, and HMI innovations to their dashboards, their focus is shifting towards successfully delivering and monetizing value-added services and features that enhance the connected lifestyle and driving experience of car owners. Car OEMs want to provide them with compelling ongoing services to aid in customer retention and to generate new revenue streams.

The car drivers of today expect to be able to log in to one portal to subscribe to and manage all the features they desire, irrespective of the vehicle model and underlying technology. The AppCarousel Monetization Suite provides single sign-on access, user profile and entitlements management, and a commerce experience in a single OEM-branded interface. The Suite works seamlessly with the AppCarousel Connected Car Platform or can be integrated into any third party automotive platform, and can therefore power commerce across the OEM’s entire range of vehicles and technologies. OEMs can deploy the Connected Car Platform on its own, or with the Monetization Suite to allow drivers to choose and purchase the apps, updates and services that are valuable to them.

The AppCarousel Monetization Suite enables automotive manufacturers and their Tier 1 vendors to:

  • deliver and enable all manner of digital assets including apps, content, and software enhancements
  • handle all types of business models including free to use, subscriptions, pay-per-use, paid upgrades and transaction-based models
  • securely bill customers in a flexible manner over-the-air
  • offer a range of global currencies and payment methods
  • create a vibrant ecosystem of developers and content providers
  • manage and pay partners that contribute the apps, content and value-added services
  • manage driver profiles and vehicle entitlements to services, sales of premium software, service provisioning, app and software upgrades, and the cross-selling and up-selling of value-added services

AppCarousel's Managing Director Terry Hughes and Board Member of the Connected Vehicle Trade Association (CVTA) said: "We have identified that the next wave of the connected car is monetization via enhanced value-added services that are critical to driving brand loyalty for automakers. Drivers are saying that they are willing to pay for high quality in-vehicle infotainment, premium features, and services from their chosen car brand. As the ecosystem of connected car services grows, car manufacturers are in a great position to offer unique features and unlock new revenue streams."

AppCarousel will be demonstrating its Monetization Suite for connected cars at the upcoming TU Automotive Detroit Show in a joint demonstration with Wind River on June 8-9 in Novi, Michigan. The booth will be located at A11, in the Autonomous Zone. AppCarousel, a first tier member of GENIVI, will also be demonstrating the solution at the GENIVI evening showcase on June 8.

At the prestigious industry-leading TU Awards on June 7, AppCarousel is a nominee for Newcomer of the Year which is testament to AppCarousel's pioneering and groundbreaking work to make the connected car a reality, and for its innovative work as a Tier 1 provider to leading car manufacturers. To learn more about TU Automotive event visit:

About AppCarousel

AppCarousel is the leader in end-to-end app management and revenue generation platforms for connected car and the Internet of Things. The AppCarousel platform delivers a seamless, integrated solution to securely distribute, update, control and monetize any kind of software or digital asset over the air, including the ability to capture, analyze and capitalize on data generated by the diverse types of connected devices that comprise the Internet of Things. The AppCarousel Monetization Suite enables secure end-to-end commerce for any technology, including identity management, business model flexibility, ecosystem management and a wide range of payment solutions. AppCarousel is a subsidiary of AppDirect, the leading commerce platform for cloud services. AppCarousel is headquartered in San Francisco and Calgary, and has a global team to serve its worldwide customers. Learn more at

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