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Digital Economy

The Transformative Future of Business.

Today is only the start of what will be the most transformative revolution of our time, the next phase of the digital economy. Transformation is happening in every corner of business; however not everyone will succeed. 

Organizations are driven by the need to become digital, working to transform how they operate to provide what their customers demand. From enterprise IT organizations, to brick and mortar retailers, financial institutions, healthcare providers and beyond, the business world is seeing digital transformation and connectivity at a scale never before imagined.

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“By 2019, all Digitally Transformed Organizations Will Generate at Least 45% of Their Revenue from “Future of Commerce” Business Models.”

– International Data Corporation

How we define the digital economy

Digital Economy is the wealth and resources generated through the exchange of digital services and assets. Driven by today’s near ubiquitous connectivity, the digital economy offers a range of benefits that stem from reducing friction in the way products and services are distributed and consumed. 

Unlike traditional economic systems, the digital economy in not bound by region, channel or device. It is creating a fundamental change in the way businesses create, distribute, and monetize products in order to compete.

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“Digital Transformation Spending Will Reach $1.7 Trillion Worldwide, a 42% Increase from 2017.”

– International Data Corporation

The Power of the Platform

Digital commerce platforms are the key differentiator for digital transformation, and ecosystems are the rocket fuel that power platform growth. In fact, ecosystems—of products, services, developers, etc.—are the only way to innovate quickly and meet customer demands. We believe in three fundamental pillars for platform success.

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The ability to connect the platform with any other service or product you use in your company.


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Allow for customization of the user experience.


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Ability to integrate with all types of technologies and ecosystems.


Open Access to Digital Ecosystems

Today’s interconnected online ecosystem of channel partners, providers and resellers has created the opportunity for many companies to benefit from economies of scope by selling third-party products alongside their own.

“Companies that are adapting to a digital world are 26% more profitable than their industry peers.”  MIT Sloan

“Companies with 50% or more of their revenues from digital ecosystems have higher revenues and higher profit margins than their industry’s average.” – MIT Sloan

“By 2020, the proportion of organizations that will have deployed digital-platform strategies will have more than doubled, to over 60 percent.” – IDC


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