The High Cost of Doing Nothing About Subscription Commerce Infographic

The Pitfalls of Taking a Wait-and-See Approach

It's always tempting to stick with the status quo. But today, more than ever, companies risk losing revenue and competitive advantage if they don't pursue a subscription commerce strategy. Learn more about the dangers of lagging behind.

The High Cost of Doing Nothing About Subscription Commerce

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Key Discussion Areas

The “High Price of Doing Nothing" infographic provides an overview of the dangers that companies face if they are slow to adopt a subscription commerce strategy. These include:

  • 1. The possibility of being replaced by B2B marketplaces

  • 2. Missing out on recurring revenue

  • 3. Losing customer loyalty and long-term relationships

“Business as usual can put your brand at risk of being usurped by outside disruptors and agile competitors that offer what your customers want: a seamless and easy experience for B2B products and services.

87 percent of B2B buyers buy through marketplaces