The cybersecurity opportunity for technology advisors

Why now is the right time to add security to your portfolio—And tools to get you started.

As a technology advisor, your customers have always turned to you for your expertise in sourcing the best solutions for their technology stack. In this ebook, discover why now is the perfect time to enhance your advisory business with cybersecurity expertise and solutions.

Gain deep knowledge about the threats your customers face and how you can seamlessly integrate cybersecurity into your portfolio to help protect your customers’ operations, brand reputation, and revenue pipelines from cyber threats.

The cybersecurity opportunity for technology advisors

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Key Highlights

  • The top cyber threat sources, the limitations of compliance, the human factors companies need to address

  • 7 security best practices every organization should follow

  • How to build your security practice with access to cybersecurity solutions, workshops, training, resources, expert guidance, and a certificate program.