Multi-Dimensional Commerce

Multi-dimensional commerce is an approach to selling in the digital economy that ensures seamless integration and interoperability across every facet of the digital supply chain.

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As more companies undergo digital transformation, many are realizing that digital projects, even when successful, can create a host of new challenges that may impede future growth, including IT complexity, operational issues, and a confusing maze of integrations.

To overcome these obstacles, companies need the ability to add, configure, bundle, price, and bill for their own, as well as complimentary, products and services, through direct and indirect channels, and make them available across any device—all powered by interoperable solutions that automate the sales and provisioning process.

This approach, called multi-dimensional commerce, deepens the view of the typical digital supply chain, adding additional layers that take into account, and provide a way to solve for, the challenges that digital transformation brings.

Multi-Dimensional Commerce Definition

AppDirect and Multi-Dimensional Commerce

Pioneered by AppDirect and supported by our platform, multi-dimensional commerce gives organizations complete flexibility to sell any digital product, through any channel, on any device. As an open, extensible, and technology-agnostic solution, AppDirect gives organizations the ability to innovate quickly, adapt to changing customer demands, and scale for the future.

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AppDirect and Multi-Dimensional Commerce
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Business models and go-to-market strategies inevitably change, but the ability to accommodate any digital use case, both now and in the future, gives companies the ultimate competitive advantage

— Multi-Dimensional Commerce: Solving the Next Generation of Digital Transformation Challenges

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