AppWise How It Works


How it works

Getting started with your private search engine is super easy. Set up in under a minute with a couple of clicks, you don't even need to type.

AppWise enables professionals, teams, and enterprises to create private search indexes in the cloud.

Connect multiple cloud-apps, even from different accounts in the same service, like Gmail, Slack and Google Drive. AppWise creates an index of your documents by securely processing content streamed from your apps, no documents are stored in AppWise's environment.


Choose the services you'd like to connect. You can also connect multiple accounts, like your work and personal Gmail for example. Most of the time, you don't even need to type, just click 'Allow' to connect.

Howitworks Connect Screenshot


AppWise scans the content you have permission to access and securely processes individual documents, streaming them directly into the AppWise index, which is also encrypted.

After your initial index is built, AppWise automatically keeps it up-to-date by adding, removing and updating content as it changes. AppWise automatically updates your index to reflect role and permission changes in each of your connected services.

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AppWise gives you an organized view of your content no matter where it is. As you search, AppWise automatically shows you what services and content types contain the terms you're looking for, so you can quickly get to what you need, wherever it is.

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Stay Secure

AppWise is hosted in some of the most secure data-centers in the world and uses multiple layers of security to ensure your data is secured in transit and at rest, like it's in a bank vault.

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