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Software Engineering

Build better by finding and reusing assets your organization has already created. Search across JIRA tickets, wikis, code and documentation wherever they live.

Streamline work and avoid repetition with all your tickets, wikis and code, just one search away.

Invent new wheels. Leverage the documents and code

You and your team have already invested time documenting processes and requirements. Find them all with deep, full-text search and filter by app or content type. Get the AppWise Chrome Extension to search from wherever you're working.

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Connect the dots from customer requests though to

Track customer support tickets through to feature specs, technical design and delivery with one, searchable, view across your apps.

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Get a unified, searchable view of all your document

See all your wikis, blogs and documents in one searchable view, no matter where they are. Embed an AppWise Search Widget to get the power of unified search in your intranet.

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