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Sales and Marketing

Save time, focus on selling not searching. Get all your contact, leads and accounts in a single searchable view that keeps you informed across teams.

Supercharge your sales with access to the latest information from across your organization.

Save time, streamline work and focus on selling

See summarized information from your CRM, help desk software and workflow apps in one view. Get the AppWise Chrome Extension to give you context about prospects in LinkedIn.

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Find and reuse presentations and product datasheets

Streamline work between Sales and Marketing by making the latest presentations and product datasheets visible and accessible. Quickly filter through presentations with zoomable, pageable previews, no need to jump between apps.

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Be prepared!

Gather notes from you and your team into a single view. Whether they're in Salesforce, Gmail, Evernote or your favorite app see all your prospect notes, competitive intelligence and CRM data in one shot.

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