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AppWise is an intelligent workspace that unifies enterprise apps into a single, searchable view. Make sure you and your team are making the best decisions with access to the latest information from across your organization.

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The intelligent workspace for you and your team

The content you need to get work done is spread across an increasing number of application siloes. 

AppWise unlocks the knowledge that's trapped in email, templates, presentations and more and enables you and your team to utilize the full power of your organizational wisdom.

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Plays well with 40+ apps

AppWise is pre-integrated with over 40 of the leading enterprise business applications, from Asana to Salesforce to JIRA, all your files, team communications and tasks can be searched as one.

Search all your accounts at once

Full-text search across 40+ cloud apps. AppWise refines your search as you type, drilling into individual apps to find and reuse documents wherever they are.


Easily find, filter and preview content

Build and save complex filters. Use powerful advanced search capabilities or simply refine by author, title or document type.


Encrypted and secure search index

Independently verified Enterprise-Ready. Hosted in secure data centers, we use AES-256 encryption for data in transit and at rest. Read more about security.



AppWise is independently certified Enterprise-Ready by Skyhigh Networks

Fully satisfying the most stringent requirements for data protection, identity verification, service security, business practices, and legal protection.


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