Engage your team

Unite your team around AppInsights KPI dashboards and generate more powerful insights through communication and collaboration.

Promote a data driven culture

AppInsights empowers you to host discussions around business KPIs so you can build a culture around data and testing instead of ideas without substance.

Data fueled discussions

Add comments to your AppInsights data activity as new trends or anomalies emerge. We’ll keep a record of comments made across all of your dashboards so spontaneous ideas are never lost in the shuffle.

Collaborate around KPIs

Promote ownership among individual stakeholders and assign users to sets of related KPIs specific to them. Check in on the discussion and quickly catch up with the thread of conversation before following up with the appropriate team lead.

Dive into the data

Explore the raw data populating your AppInsights dashboards so you can develop testable hypotheses rather than passing around guesses. AppInsights allows you to perform computations on your data in-app, or export it in for further analysis