IoT Pricing

Learn how to define new revenue streams for your connected devices.

We help device manufacturers of all sizes to maximize their revenue potential at every stage of their evolution.

If you manufacture connected devices, the need to foster new value through the Internet of Things is critical. Key to being successful in IoT is having a platform capable of delivering, managing, and monetizing software and services for your end users. Our scalable IoT Monetization plans enable you to manage your users and devices, build an ecosystem that scales with your business, and create new revenue streams around your connected devices and partners. 
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IoT Billing

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Generate Revenue 

and recurring sales with software and services

Automate Billing

Device Enrollment & Provisioning

Identity & Access Management

Product Lifecycle Management

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IoT Listing

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Add Value 

with a showcase of complimentary products.

Product Profiles

Recommendation Engine

Faceted Search

Categorizations & Tagging

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IoT Store

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Drive Conversions 

with a complete marketplace and billing suite.

Catalog Manager

Integrated Payments

Bundling & Discounts

Network Catalog Access

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IoT Ecosystem

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Engage Partners

with a comprehensive developer center.

Developer Portal

Push App Distribution

Integration Hub

Submission Version Workflow

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IoT Network

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Scaling Rapidly

across regions, markets, and partner networks. 

Additional Sub-Marketplaces

Global Reporting & Reconciliation

Global Customer Management

Device Group

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Manage purchases and subscriptions, including tools for upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations.
Pricing Management
Support any pricing model and configuration through our CMS.
License Management
Empower customers to control their license and subscription lifecycles —including upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations.
Reporting & Reconciliation
Closing out your books is an integral part of running a business. AppDirect offers detailed reports with all the data you will need to accurately and confidently reconcile your revenue.
Device Profiling & Enrollment
Enables you to automate user assignments and to manage the devices without touching them.
Version Control
Granular control for all your products, including robust product compatibility definitions, business rules engine, and update management.
Product Listings
Promote and refer products with extensive product listing pages.
Offer customers the information, tools, and community to both discover and buy the right solution.
Identity & Access Management
Free your customers from inconvenient practices that pose a security risk. Allow your users to access and manage all of their applications and subscriptions with just one password.
AppDirect Network Catalog
The global network of AppDirect powered marketplaces allows organizations to quickly onboard top tier pre-integrated apps.
Partner Management
Makes it easy for developers to integrate, manage, and showcase their services on your marketplace.
Push Distribution
Provide your customers with a curated experience by automating the distribution of products to your devices.
Create sub-marketplaces on the fly. Setup a new marketplace in a matter of minutes.
Devices Groups
Get fine grained product roll-out control over quality assurance, cohorts, or any other specialized groups.
Hardware Sales
Provide a seamless shopping experience by selling your physical products alongside your software and services.
Enable and easily manage an unlimited number of third-parties to resell your products and services.
Gives your team a single source of truth, combining disparate data sources and bringing them into a single application.
Your customers will never be alone with our premium, white-label tech support.
Data Broker
Integrate rich data services from top tier providers including IFTTT, Alexa,, and more.
Harmonized Sales
Enable and easily manage unlimited number of third-parties to resell your products and services.


IoT monetization

Learn how AppDevices enables an agile business for your IoT device.


Do I need to know how to program?

No technical expertise is necessary. AppDevices provides simple management tools that you can access in any modern web browser. If there is required integration work, our professional services team is here to help.

Can I change my plan later on?

Yes. AppDevice plans allows you to grow your business and adjust for features and functionalities that help you reach, engage, and convert more customers.

What will I need to install?

If you intend to only provide SaaS software and services, there’s nothing you’ll need to install! If you intend to distribute embedded or downloadable software, you may want to install one of our reference agents. Don’t worry - we’ll help you choose and guide you every step of the way.

What if I have my own MDM/SOTA/FOTA system?

We’ve engineered our platform to be fully API addressable, meaning we can easily integrate into your backend systems and their party vendors.

Looking to redefine how you distribute, manage, and monetize the digital assets your customers demand? We’re here to help.