Distribute, manage, and monetize the digital assets critical to your end users and business.

AppDevices offers a complete plan guide to help you kick start your app strategy whether its still in conception stages or if your ready to redefine your approach with a platform that distributes millions of apps daily to businesses worldwide. AppDevices is app ecosystem specialists.

IoT Plans

If you manufacture smart devices or connected products, the need to create new value and transform your organization to capitalize on the Internet of Things has never been more essential. To successfully approach IoT you will need to understand how to deliver, manage, and monetize software and services for your end users. As the business models, and uses cases for M2M and IoT systems rapidly evolves, you’ll also need a platform that is scalable and flexible to meet your app strategy and changing market conditions. Our IoT Plans enable you to build new revenue streams, control access and licenses, efficiently manage users and devices, and build an ecosystem that grows with your business.


Connected Vehicle Plans

With highly competitive features and sales tactics coming from every automaker, it is crucial to be able to proactively and reactively offer your customers with the business models and experiences they demand. With the AppDevices Monetization Suite, you’ll be able to handle any pricing, subscription, and data-driven billing configurations quickly without coding a single line. The platform also offers automotive OEMs a unique pairing of these agile billing capabilities with powerful identity access management, data brokering, and robust cloud service and app delivery.


Looking to redefine how you distribute, manage, and monetize the digital assets your customers demand? We’re here to help.