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Digital finance solutions purpose-built for subscription commerce.

Flexible funding options to grow recurring revenue businesses

To keep up with today's ever-changing market, technology merchants need fast access to capital to help accelerate their growth. However, traditional financing can often be difficult and time-consuming to secure, or simply be unavailable. With AppCapital, you can take advantage of innovative digital finance options to expand your business, pay off high-interest debt, or invest in the future.

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AppCapital Invest

With this innovative program, new merchants on the AppDirect platform get an upfront, day-one payment that can be used immediately. AppCapital Invest allows merchants to invest in delivering the best technology and service to their customers, while growing their businesses for the future.

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AppCapital Card

An option that delivers the convenience of a business credit card without the cost and credit score impact, AppCapital Card gives technology merchants on the AppDirect platform instant access to projected one-month revenue.

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AppCapital Advance

For merchants on the AppDirect platform, AppCapital Advance offers a commission advance for up to 12 months of projected revenue without the cost and delays of a traditional business loan. Drive business growth with a less expensive and more convenient approach than traditional business loans.

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AppCapital Trade

For merchants on the AppDirect platform, AppCapital Trade provides an easy, convenient way to unlock future cash flow and preserve long-term residual income through an investment in a portion of the book of business.

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