• Billing

  • Listing

  • Store

  • Ecosystem

  • Network

  • Billing & Distribution Service
    Pricing Plan Management
    Subscription Management
    Invoice Management
    Payment Operations
    Reporting & Reconciliation
    Customer Management
    Distribution Management
    Product Profiles
    Ratings & Reviews
    Question & Answer Forum
    Recommendations Engine
    Marketplace Manager
    Catalog Management
    Marketing Platform
    Customer Management
    Sales Automation
    Subscription Billing Platform
    App Manager
    Social Enterprise Network
    Identity & Access Management
    Order & Payment Management
    Developer Center
    App Listing CMS Optional Optional Optional Optional
    Revenue & Customer Management Optional Optional
    Integration Hub Optional Optional
    Network Manager
    Sub-Marketplace Creation Per marketplace price applies
    Network Customer Management Optional
    Network Catalog Management Optional
    Network Subscription Billing Management Optional
    Reseller Management Service
    Reseller Onboarding & Management Optional Optional Optional
    Reseller Sales Automation Optional Optional Optional
    Customer Management Optional Optional Optional
    Back-Office Automation Optional Optional Optional

    Customization &
    Technology Capabilities

    Customization & Extensibility
    Custom Logo & Colors
    Custom Domain Optional
    API Access
    Custom User Interface
    Custom Syndication Rates
    Advanced CRM Integrations
    Custom Billing Integration Optional Optional
    Custom IDM Integration Optional Optional
    Automation for App Deployment
    Orchestration Engine Optional Optional Optional
    Life Cycle Management Optional Optional Optional
    Private Cloud Catalog Optional Optional Optional
    Dedicated Infrastructure
    Virtual Private Cloud Optional Optional
    On-Premise Optional


    Planning & Engagement Services
    Support Services
    Training & Education






    Identity and Access Management

    Secure and seamless access to all your apps with a single click.

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    Use dashboards to track and report on key metrics from all your apps.

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    $10/month/userminimum 30 users

    App Search

    Search for relevant content across all your cloud applications.

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    Infrastructure Management

    Run your apps on a range of public clouds or your private cloud.

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    Mobile App Management

    Access all your web and native cloud apps from your mobile device.