Anatomy of the Deal: Corporate Technologies Group Inc. & Microsoft

Deal Summary

Advisor: Ohio-based Corporate Technologies Group (CTG) focuses on cloud, managed IT, security, and project implementation.

Customer Workshop: CTG’s customer Royal Chemical participated in an AppDirect customer workshop (Envision Session)

Solution: The team gathered the business case, presented a solution framework, and addressed questions.

Deal: Unlocked opportunities for CTG’s MRR, a potential revenue of  $13,000 MRR or $156,000 annually


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Key Steps in Closing the Deal

Total estimated opportunity value: $13,000 MRR or $156,000 annually
  • Discovery & Envision Session

    AppDirect discussed Royal Chemica’s aging legacy Remote Desktop Services (RDS) deployment, recommending Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) as an alternative, a cloud-hosted virtual desktop.

    Deal Size: $2,000 MRR

  • Offered Proof of Concept (POC) Deployment

    Provided a free POC with a 30-45 day review period. Utilized Nerdio's premium AVD deployment tool.

  • Explained Microsoft Azure benefits

    Detailed the benefits of migrating to Azure (including IaaS services such as virtual machines, storage, networking) with the goal of replacing legacy colocation facility.

    Deal Size: $3,500 MRR

  • Recommended Azure assessment tool

    Customer contact used Azure's assessment tool to evaluate their current infrastructure. AppDirect cloud specialists conducted an independent assessment to optimize the environment.

  • Reviewed results

    The customer was pleased with the Azure assessment, agreed to a requote of their Microsoft 365 licenses, opening up a new opportunity.

    Deal Size: $7,500 MRR

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Envision Sessions: How It Works

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    You sign up your customer

    Share your customer’s contact details and register for a session. Topics include: Microsoft, AWS, Google and Security.

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    We schedule it

    We will reach out to your customer on your behalf to coordinate the session. You can choose to attend the session or let us take the lead.

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    We host it

    Our cloud specialist guides the conversation for tailored recommendations, an initial estimate, and next steps.

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    You earn commissions faster

    Speed up sales and maximize cross-selling, increasing recurring revenue.