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jBilling for IT

Increase visibility and control over your billing infrastructure.


When it comes to billing transformation, CIOs are under immense pressure from every side of their organizations. CEOs want a flexible system that supports innovation, while the IT organization may averse to touch legacy systems where the impact of changes is poorly understood. CIOs need flexible billing technology that removes friction from back office systems while improving risk mitigation and security.

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“Our objective was to implement a billing solution that we wouldn’t even know is there, a seamless system that just fulfills its role, billing exactly the right amount, at exactly the right time. With our business being dynamic and adaptable at its core, we needed a platform that would support future unknowns. For all these reasons, we selected jBilling.”

- Russell Stather, IT Director
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Enterprise-grade open source

Always remain in control of your billing. Unlike most billing systems, jBilling is not a black box. Our open source technology gives you complete visibility into the source code so you understand exactly how your billing is operating and how you’re interfacing with your other enterprise platforms. jBilling is used by a range of customers—from large enterprises, to governmental agencies, to startups—around the world who have conquered the same challenges you face.

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Scalable design

Choose a billing platform that allows for scalability as your business grows. jBilling’s architecture scales horizontally so you can start small and grow as big as your business takes you. Our mediation, collections, and billing process engines work in parallel to process multitudes of transactions in real-time, so you never have to worry about outgrowing your billing system. jBilling overcomes complex billing scenarios simply and rapidly, so you’ll be able to take advantage of every business opportunity.

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