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jBilling for Finance

Improve compliance, reduce revenue leakage, and gain visibility with analytics.


Revenue leakage is a persistent problem for organizations of all sizes. These leaks not only lead to lost revenue, but inaccurate forecasting, operational inefficiencies, and poor data integrity—headaches that CFOs contend with on a near daily basis. Today’s CFOs need billing technology that enables accurate reporting, deeper data analytics, and puts an end to revenue leakage.

Appbilling Drive Metrics That Matter

"We recognized that our competitiveness and capacity for continued growth rely on our ability to transform and scale business systems. We selected jBilling because of its open architecture and SaaS deployment model, which means quick implementation and allows us to easily adapt billing to our parameters, as well as accommodate future requirements and acquisitions."

- Matt Stein, CEO
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Flexible and fully integrated

jBilling includes data analytics and automated reporting capabilities that allow you to enhance your data and operational efficiency. jBilling also gives you the visibility and flexibility you need to support compliance and regulatory changes, so it grows with your business instead of slowing you down.

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Enterprise-grade open source

Always remain in control of your billing. Unlike most billing systems, jBilling is not a black box. Our open source technology gives you complete visibility into the source code so you understand exactly how your billing is operating and how you’re interfacing with your other enterprise platforms. jBilling is used by a range of customers—from large enterprises, to governmental agencies, to startups—around the world who have conquered the same challenges you face.

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Improved business insights

Remove points of failure, add automation, and integrate processes that support full auditability. With jBilling, you can automate manual processes, as well as provide analytics and insight into customer behavior, to drive better business decisions and improve your customer experience.

Appbilling Drive Metrics That Matter


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