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NICE InContact Easily Manages Partner Referrals and Purchasing

How a SaaS industry leader enhanced its business model with AppDirect

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NICE InContact is a market leader in the call center as a service (CCaaS) industry. In 2015, the company selected AppDirect to power its partner referral marketplace, giving NICE InContact the ability to showcase its partners and collect leads in one central space. However, as NICE InContact's business grew, so did the company's need to allow customers to buy partner solutions without leaving the marketplace. The team needed a solution that could support their hybrid approach, facilitating both referral management and purchasing. Not only that, but the technology also needed to be flexible enough to power automatic provisioning of solutions to end customers in the future.


For NICE InContact, selecting AppDirect to power its marketplace commerce was an easy decision. With AppDirect, the company could support both self-serve and assisted sales on the marketplace. Moreover, NICE InContact could easily integrate AppDirect with its identity provider, giving any partner or customer who logs into the marketplace the ability to use their existing credentials. The NICE InContact team can also use AppDirect to manage users in a central location, which saves time and effort. Finally, the AppDirect platform provides advanced billing tools to calculate charges based on complex custom pricing models.


Today, the NICE InContact marketplace has become a one-stop shop for call center solutions, boasting 130 applications and counting. On the back end, it allows for pricing model flexibility, such as charging based on metered usage calculated from data collected within the marketplace. Looking forward, the company's hybrid referral and commerce model will eventually allow NICE InContact to sell partner products on the marketplace with automatic provisioning, delivering a seamless end user experience while helping partners reduce the amount of manual effort involved.

In 2021, NICE InContact was recognized as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS, further securing its top position in the market. Visit the NICE CXexchange Marketplace to view it live in action.

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