Coupa Showcases Third-Party Solutions on Marketplace

Creating a platform to enable its global partner ecosystem and ensure customer success by extending the value of Business Spend Management (BSM).

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Coupa Software is a leader in Business Spend Management (BSM). Coupa enables companies around the world with the visibility and control they need to spend smarter and safer. Founded in 2006, the company has reported 26 consecutive quarters of subscription revenue growth, and counting.

To elevate its robust ecosystem of solution providers, Coupa wanted to create a marketplace where customers could easily find solutions that would extend the value of their Business Spend Management (BSM) platform experience. The marketplace offers apps in over 20 categories that are vetted and seamlessly integrate with Coupa. The marketplace is a space for customers to harness the innovation of Coupa partners.


Coupa weighed building versus buying a solution, and ultimately settled on partnering with AppDirect to speed up time to market. A key reason Coupa selected AppDirect is that the platform can be implemented with a phased approach. Initially, the Coupa team opted for a listing marketplace, and will eventually activate the platform’s powerful features and capabilities to enhance the customer and partner experience, including the ability for customers to buy and provision third-party apps across Coupa’s core products.

Customer Quote

“We launched the Coupa App Marketplace as a significant evolution of our open platform, to make it even easier for customers to discover and connect solutions from our rich partner community to empower businesses to spend smarter.”

Roger Goulart, Executive Vice President, Alliances and Business Development


Today, the Coupa App Marketplace allows current and prospective customers to discover and enable not only Coupa-built native integrations, but also partner-built and CoupaLink Certified solutions as well. The marketplace creates value to customers, generates leads for sales teams, and grows Coupa’s ecosystem.

The company’s CoupaLink program enables developers and partners worldwide to build complementary solutions that easily connect into the Coupa BSM platform. With seamless self-serve onboarding powered by AppDirect, developers and partners will be able to go to market with minimal friction and can leverage Coupa’s sales and marketing channels to gain access to a larger customer base.

See Coupa’s robust marketplace of third-party connectors in action for yourself here.

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