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Company unifies its global services with a single cloud billing platform.

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AnywhereWorks is on a mission to help the world work Anywhere, in order to reduce commuting, polluting, and needless CO2 emissions. They offer a suite of applications and services to enable teams to communicate, collaborate, and work together from Anywhere. The company’s services are underpinned by a drive to help businesses diversify the workforce, embrace more environmentally sustainable business practices and work beyond the fixed-location office model. AnywhereWorks currently provides services to over 10,000 companies around the world.

As AnywhereWorks’ business grew more diverse, the company required a billing solution capable of meeting its needs. AnywhereWorks needed a robust billing platform capable of supporting 15 different rate plans, free usage pool (FUP) prorating, standard monthly recurring charges, usage-based overages, custom plans, and more.

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Given its complex business model, AnywhereWorks had a long list of billing requirements. With its highly configurable, completely API-addressable plugin architecture, jBilling was able to meet all of AnywhereWorks’s needs. Moreover, jBilling’s company hierarchy structure was an ideal solution to streamline AnywhereWorks’ billing across multiple brands.

In addition to invoicing and payments, jBilling was able to provide seamless integrations with critical third-party applications, such as PayPal, MailChimp, and Braintree. "With jBilling, you can support all business levels," says Amith Kumar Chunnilal, Billing Project Lead at AnywhereWorks. "The ability to do company-level configuration and currency level changes means that everything is configurable for us.”


With jBilling, AnywhereWorks has reduced the amount of time and effort spent on billing processes by 90%. “We didn’t want to build and maintain our own system. We wanted to use that time to develop new AnywhereWorks services and help more companies work Anywhere,” says Chunnilal. As the company continues to grow and diversify, AnywhereWorks now has the flexibility to meet any future billing challenge.

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"jBilling has been a core part of our success. The solution's ability to support all of our billing needs, even those we didn't anticipate in the beginning, and as we continue to grow, has been critical as AnywhereWorks scales at a rapid pace."

Amith Kumar Chunnilal, Billing Project Lead

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