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customer service best practices

Four Tools Drive Customer Success

Industry Insights

Four Tools Your Team Needs to Drive Customer Success

For companies in the digital economy, you know that the barriers for customers to churn are extremely low. That’s why you’re investing in ways to driv...

By Kam Rawal / AppHelp / May 31, 2018

Customer Service Resolutions

Industry Insights

Five New Year’s Resolutions Every Customer Service Coach Should Make to Improve Team Performance and Customer Experience

In professional sports, when a team consistently loses and just can’t seem to perform well together no matter how many highly paid athletes are hired,...

By Kam Rawal / AppHelp / Jan 10, 2018

Omnichannel Approach Sell Cloud Services

Industry Insights

It Takes an Omnichannel Approach to Successfully Sell Cloud Services and Support

An omnichannel strategy is all about creating a digital experience for customers that extends seamlessly and effortlessly across channels, whether tha...

By Kam Rawal / AppHelp / Oct 09, 2017

Customer Skills

Strategy & Best Practices

10 Customer Service Skills Every Employee Needs

Excelling in customer support of any kind requires an entire toolkit of skills. Not only must service agents and technicians know the product inside o...

By Stephanie Petry / AppHelp / Dec 20, 2016

Five Best Practices Customer Support

Strategy & Best Practices

5 Best Practices for Delivering Multilingual Customer Support

In today’s globalized world, changing demographics have led to a greater diversity of languages being adopted within many countries. Take Canada for e...

By R.J. Stangle / AppHelp / Oct 04, 2016