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Is Salesforce an AAAS?

With hindsight, we can now see how visionary Salesforce.com was in 2005 (yep, almost a decade ago) when they launched AppExchange, not least of which ...

By James MacTavish / AppDevices / Dec 17, 2014

Open App Ecosystems

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Open platforms: Keeping your app ecosystem relevant and competitive

Application ecosystems live and die by their relevance. No matter their purpose or strategy, it’s crucial that users find their devices and associated...

By James MacTavish / AppDevices / Nov 30, 2014

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TomTom announces partnership with AppCarousel

~ AppCarousel and Page Up become first partners ~ Amsterdam, 10 June 2014 – TomTom (TOM2) today launches an open developer portal for TomTom Bridge en...

By James MacTavish / AppDevices / Jun 08, 2014

Genivi Appcarousel Connected Car

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AppCarousel joins GENIVI Alliance to drive adoption of in-vehicle infotainment

Genivi open source operating system diagram

By Terry Hughes / AppDevices / Feb 18, 2014

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AppCarousel joins the Tizen Association

AppCarousel to Collaborate with Growing Consortium of Mobile and Connected Device Stakeholders on the Ongoing Development of the Tizen Project and Pla...

By James MacTavish / AppDevices / Nov 19, 2013