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7 Telecom Companies Disrupting the CSP Industry and How You Can Too

Industry Insights

7 Telecom Companies Disrupting the CSP Industry Through Digital Transformation—and How You Can Too

Disruption is now a fact of life for communications service providers (CSPs). In fact, the CSP sector sits near the top of the list of industries faci...

By Ideas @ AppDirect / AppMarket / June 10, 2020

Alaska Communications Blog

News & Updates

Alaska Communications Selects AppDirect to Power Its SMB Marketplace

For years, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have been enthusiastic adopters of cloud-based applications. In fact, nearly three out of four SMB...

By Andy Ellerhorst / AppMarket / April 10, 2019

Regional Compete Multinational Telcos Blog

Industry Insights

Three Ways Regional CSPs Can Compete with Multinational Telcos

In recent years, much ink has been spilled over the revenue challenges faced by the telecommunications industry. Despite this, multinational communica...

By Ideas @ AppDirect / AppMarket / October 1, 2018

Microsoft Csp Changes Blog

Industry Insights

Worried About the New Microsoft Direct CSP Requirements? Here’s What You Need to Do Next

Last week at its annual Inspire conference, Microsoft highlighted significant changes to its Cloud Service Provider (CSP) program—and a looming deadli...

By Ideas @ AppDirect / AppMarket / July 27, 2018

Overcoming Legacy It Blog Post

Industry Insights

Three Ways Legacy IT Is Holding Back Your Digital Transformation—and One Strategy to Fix It

Old technology can often seem a little laughable. Remember when phones had to be physically connected to the wall before you could make a call? Or whe...

By Ideas @ AppDirect / AppMarket / July 23, 2018

High Cost Of Dt Blog Post

Industry Insights

New Survey Points to the Huge Impact of Digital Transformation

Last month, Dell EMC released the results of a survey that provides some blockbuster new evidence that digital transformation can have a huge impact o...

By Ideas @ AppDirect / AppDirect / May 16, 2018