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Introducing Dashboards

Technology Insights

Introducing Dashboard Folders!

We’re very excited to launch Dashboard Folders, a feature that will make navigating between and managing multiple dashboards easier. As more and more...

By Kally Pan / AppInsights / Apr 20, 2017


Company & Culture

Leftronic is Entering a New Era as AppInsights!

All the way back in 2014 we were acquired by AppDirect, the leading commerce platform for selling cloud services. Now in 2016, Leftronic is one of man...

By Kally Pan / AppInsights / Sep 08, 2016

Past Present Future Dashboards

News & Updates

The Past, Present, and Future of Business Dashboards

Business dashboards are rapidly becoming an integral part of businesses today. The ability to provide accurate data on the state of the company to bus...

By Kally Pan / AppInsights / Aug 10, 2016

Blog Electionmaps

News & Updates

The Terrible Thing About Our Election Maps

There’s a big problem with our recent elections… and it’s the maps. Sure they are geographically accurate, but all the red/blue maps that are rolled o...

By Kally Pan / AppInsights / Jun 07, 2016

News & Updates

The 5 Most “Hair-Pulling” APIs

Dealing with 3rd party APIs can be temperamental, and no two of them are exactly alike. At AppInsights, we take pride in our ability to delve into the...

By Cesar Delsolar / AppInsights / Nov 18, 2015

News & Updates

The Tech Corner: Is There a Good Reason to Use JSON-RPC?

The Tech Corner is a series that explores some of the popular technology used in the business Dashboard world. Topics can vary from data formatting, t...

By Cesar Delsolar / AppInsights / Aug 10, 2015