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Blog Carpay

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Why automakers will never let Apple and Google own the in-car experience: A report on TU-Automotive Detroit 2016

Apple Car Play courtesy of carsguide

By Terry Hughes / AppDevices / Jun 13, 2016

Blog Geniviamm16

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Enhanced features of the first cloud commerce platform for connected vehicles

AppCarousel, the leading cloud commerce platform for connecting automotive infotainment, data and services with the Internet of Things (IoT), will be ...

By Terry Hughes / AppDevices / Apr 25, 2016

Blog Cisco

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Why Cisco and Jasper's Union Matters to IoT

Just last week one of the biggest acquisitions in the Internet of Things space took place when Cisco snatched up IoT lifecycle management solution pro...

By Terry Hughes / AppDevices / Feb 17, 2016

Blog Jasper

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_Cisco and Jasper - the lowdown on the IoT acquisition

In a $1.4 Billion deal, last week Cisco acquired Jasper Technologies. What's the skinny on the deal? Here goes... Jasper provides a platform to build ...

By Terry Hughes / AppDevices / Feb 15, 2016

Blog Connectedcar

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The ISO 7-layer model for telecoms is alive and well 30 years on... in the connected car

Everyone has heard of the 7-layer dip shown in the picture above but only die-hards in the telecoms industry will have heard of the mysterious "ISO 7-...

By Terry Hughes / AppDevices / Feb 02, 2016

Blog Connectedhome

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The battle to become the center of your connected home - insights from CES

When we think about the connected home of tomorrow we assume that Google will be right there in the center with its OnHub smart WiFi router and its Ne...

By Terry Hughes / AppDevices / Jan 27, 2016