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One Third of Inc. 500 Software Companies Have Marketplace Strategies

Looking at the Inc. 500, just over a third of software companies participate in SaaS marketplaces, as either a product that is listed or sold by a third-party, or as a marketplace operator.

By Paul Arnautoff / AppDirect / August 30, 2015

Best Practice Appdirect Profile

Strategy & Best Practices

7 Ways to Create a Best Practice AppDirect Profile

Learn how to make a great product profile that will wow customers.

By Paul Arnautoff / AppDirect / August 16, 2011

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Integrate With AppDirect in Less Than a Week

Integrating with AppDirect is more than just a smart move for your bottom line; it's fast and easy, too.

By Paul Arnautoff / AppDirect / April 21, 2011