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3 Ways the Software Landscape is Changing—and What SaaS Companies Can Do to Respond

Over the past few decades, the software industry has experienced change at a faster rate than during any other time. For companies in the software bus...

By Nick Gilbert / AppReseller / Sep 11, 2017

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Building Developer Ecosystems, Part III: Risks and Rewards

For the final post in our building ecosystems series, we circle back and take a look at the remaining two types of ecosystem models.

By Nick Gilbert / AppDirect / May 04, 2015

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Building Developer Ecosystems, Part II: Making It Easy

Dig deeper into how to design and support an ecosystem that makes it easy for developers to participate.

By Nick Gilbert / AppDirect / Feb 22, 2015

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Building Developer Ecosystems: A Formula for Success

In this series of blog posts, we will explore the three general types of ecosystem plays and important aspects of each, such as integration and sales enablement.

By Nick Gilbert / AppDirect / Jan 25, 2015