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Tech Support Facts You Can’t Ignore

The rising complexity of interconnected technology environments in the multi-vendor landscape is a tough challenge for tech support teams. Forrester r...

By Patrick / AppHelp / Nov 03, 2014

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The Stale Knowledge Base Syndrome

More than half of knowledge management programs fail. A decade ago, failure rates were as high as 80 percent . This idea of acquiring and retaining ex...

By Patrick / AppHelp / Oct 16, 2014

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The Cost of Multi-Vendor Support

With so many tech products in today’s homes that are increasingly interconnected —and not just in geek households- consumers are facing a whole new se...

By Patrick / / Aug 05, 2014

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Let Your Tech Support Agents Use the Web

Our research shows that tech support agents are increasingly peeking outside the company’s knowledge base. That’s a good thing for their customers who...

By Patrick / AppHelp / May 26, 2014