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Choosing an Internship? Optimize for Impact.

I originally published this essay on Medium and have made slight updates to it here. It was intended as a written version of the talk I gave at the Un...

By Alexis / AppHelp / Mar 17, 2015

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In Post-Email World, Mobile Messaging is King

Connecting customers and businesses with mobile messaging creates experiences that are human and effective. Think back to the last time you contacted ...

By Alexis / AppHelp / Feb 15, 2015

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The Path to Building a Recommendation Engine for Tech Support

Recommendation engines have become so popular we now use them every day, from book shopping to picking a movie to online dating. However, the science ...

By Alexis / AppHelp / Jul 24, 2014

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The Science of Search Engine Relevance

Our new Reveal solution captures support agents’ web searches in Google and provides them with the most trusted solutions to the tech support problems...

By Alexis / AppHelp / Jun 01, 2014