What is Energy?

By / May 10, 2021

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The US Energy Information Administration defines Energy as the ability to do work. Energy and AppSmart Energy Solutions and our expertise in electricity, natural gas, water, and waste offerings are foundational and the building blocks of a successful energy management plan. It all starts with energy. Often, we forget how critical the foundation is in having a functional operation. Without energy, like electricity and natural gas, to turn on the lights, connect to the internet, run machines, or heat buildings, a business is just an idea. Without water and waste services, daily life would be immediately uncomfortable and untenable very quickly.

Why is this important? If energy is the foundation for business, don’t you want that foundation to be rock solid? If you are paying too much for electricity, if you’re not monitoring your energy usage, or not updating your energy systems with new technology, you are not setting the business up for continued success. Essentially, if the power doesn’t turn on, you don’t have a business.

Buildings spend $32 billion on energy and consume 88% of the potable water every year in the United States. Help your customer lower and manage this part of their budget. Help customers take advantage of tax incentives and rebates to upgrade at reduced rates. Show customers opportunities to ADD revenue streams to their business and help them retain their customers. Energy solutions will enable your customer to gain an even better insight into their business and give them an edge against their competition.

Additionally, there is a huge push into energy conservation and renewables across the United States from major corporations and government entities. Regulatory mandates are coming; make sure your customers take advantage of the carrot before they get the stick. With AppSmat Energy solutions, your customers can increase their property values, find budget certainty and price protection, add revenue streams, and increase tenet or employee satisfaction.

AppSmart Energy Services offers an end-to-end energy management solution set. Leverage the AppSmart Energize procurement tool supported by advanced AI technology to get a one-click quote and contracting for a more efficient procurement cycle and ensure you never overpay. Our experts can help identify other energy solutions, from deploying a solar or EV charging system to updating legacy building systems like HVAC and LED Lighting. Then take advantage of our Energy IoT offering to get a real-time visual of energy data to monitor, manage, and get alerts about your usage.

Get your customers ahead of the curve and add another offering to your portfolio by becoming a utility advisor. Utilize the AppSmart Energy Services team to help guide you and take advantage of the opportunities in energy. Through AppSmart Energy Services, you can help your customers manage their energy spend with automation and analytics to reduce costs and manage volatility.

The 2020 pandemic changed the way businesses operate. Business owners are looking for creative ways to save and become more efficient. It’s time to go back and check the foundation. Check out what opportunities are available in your area by visiting our energy page and click through our interactive map. You can also give your customers a teaser on electric pricing using our Find the Best Rates tool. Start the conversation today with your customers by asking for copies of their electric and gas bills and contact to talk to our experts today about ways to save.