The energy technology convergence

By / November 21, 2019

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What is technology convergence?

A great example is how our phones have integrated many parts of our lives. We now use a small handheld device to not only call people, but for email, messaging, maps, playing music, watching videos, playing video games, taking pictures, shopping, and more. Technology convergence combines products and services, with a platform that makes them possible.

How has energy converged with technology?

Industrial and commercial energy solutions no longer run on analog systems. They utilize the latest technology to better understand themselves, their surroundings, other outside factors, and provide administrators a window into all of this data. Many of the energy solutions being sold today, whether they are solar, wind, water distribution, EV charging, HVAC, and even trash related services, are internet connected and utilize the latest A.I. to be more efficient.

What does this mean for the technology industry?

Energy technology convergence has put the energy industry directly in the path of the channel. The vendors you know and already sell, have technology solutions that cater to the energy industry. This covers almost everything, from a vast array of connectivity like bluetooth, fiber, LTE, 5G, satellite, fixed wireless and more, to IoT based sensors, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS platforms, and cloud based dashboards to monitor it all. When you sell energy services, you aren't just selling energy, you're selling the technology that drives it. This requires technology professionals that know and understand the telecom and data industries. Inquire about energy services with AppSmart today, to make sure you're maximizing your services portfolio.