TribeHR Adds Social Solutions to Human Resources Management

By Doriane Mouret / July 19, 2011

Tribehr Screenshot

TribeHR is a comprehensive social human resources solution that makes it easy to manage job listings, track sick days, review employees -- and something more. The software gives employees the power to share vacation calendars, kudos and other innovative feedback, adding to positive morale throughout the company. Also, the software has recently been updated to automatically includes birthdays and employment anniversary dates.

Joseph Fung, co-founder and CEO at TribeHR, had a new paradigm in mind when he decided to develop his product: “My co-founder and I were participating in a brainstorming session looking for problems for small and medium businesses that weren’t being solved (or were being solved badly). Various aspects of HR kept resurfacing: hiring, scheduling, reviews, working with Gen-Y and Millennials and several more," he remembers. "I think the real a-ha moment, was when we realized that all the existing solutions were designed around HR and Finance 'owning' the HR experience, when for anyone on the web today, the user (in this case the employee) is the one that really owns the experience. Building an employee and manager-centric app was an obvious solution and direction.”

This approach has been a big hit with companies including Schlueter Automotive Group. “TribeHR understands what it means to have the need for human resources, but be unable to find enough time to excel at it," says Amy Schlueter, Vice President of Schlueter Automotive Group. "We could have looked at hiring an extra person to help manage our HR workload, but TribeHR empowers our employees to manage and control their HR needs as well as giving them a great forum to communicate to their direct managers and the HR department.”

Perhaps the software's greatest feature is its interoperability. Fung explains, “Being listed in the AppDirect marketplace is a great example of how easy it is to build an integration with TribeHR -- other HR apps try to create a walled garden around a user’s data, and make it difficult for them to remix and reuse their own information. We take the opposite approach and make it easy for companies to use their data elsewhere.“ Start a free trial today on AppDirect.