Create Strong Identity With Gridly's Branding Tools

By Doriane Mouret / July 11, 2011

Gridly Screenshot

In today’s competitive and increasingly crowded marketplace, a clear and distinct corporate identity is one of a company’s most important assets. This is how companies tell the world who they are. Consistent branding is key for conveying professionalism and stability. However, as a company grows, it can be tricky to keep your corporate identity strong. That's where Gridly steps in.

Gridly help companies maintain consistency by helping them create print-ready documents like product sheets, newsletters, HR ads, posters, business cards and more -- right through to final PDFs. Businesses can start with their own designs for a branded document, or use Gridly templates. Simple layout tools make it easy to customize templates, which can be resized to fit any need. It's flexible in other ways, too: For example, managers overseeing multiple teams can control which teams see which templates.

Gridly is an inexpensive, simple to use and very useful app for business concerned with creating a strong brand image. You can start your free trial right now at AppDirect. Here's another reason to try it out: The Gridly team listens to feedback and is always looking for better ways to meet costumers’ needs. When the AppDirect team contacted the Gridly Support Center to suggest a small adjustment to the app, we received an answer within five minutes. And in just three hours the feature was integrated.