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Radialpoint is now AppHelp

November 20, 2016

Montreal, CA - November 21, 2016 - Today, Radialpoint, the leading provider of cloud and technical support services for businesses and consumers, has announced it's changing its name and re-branding to "AppHelp" to better reflect its integration and focus within the AppDirect family. Radialpoint was acquired by AppDirect, the leader in cloud service commerce, in January of 2016.

The new branding strategy is key to showcasing AppDirect’s unified suite of products and services, that combined, provide a comprehensive cloud service commerce platform.

“Re-branding to AppHelp will allow to us scale our business globally and to establish AppHelp as a critical piece of the AppDirect platform”, says Joe Mardini, General Manager of AppHelp. “The name reflects AppDirect’s unified mission to help businesses find, buy and use the cloud services they need to thrive,” says Mardini. “We will continue to leverage a unique combination of technology and human expertise to help our partners support and sell the latest in cloud services, and ultimately create a better customer experience.”

CSPs are learning that to build a successful cloud business, the right sales approach, together with the right kind of support are critical to commercial success. AppHelp bridges the "support" gap many service providers are struggling to build, packaging its technology and expertise into a solution that enables partners to offer customers the support they need to purchase the right services and successfully deploy and manage their cloud applications.

AppHelp support can be made available to customers for purchase in a marketplace or by "bundling" support with other SaaS or core services (for example, bundling email migrations and onboarding with Office 365 licenses).

Some of the partner benefits of using AppHelp include:

  • A go-to-market plan with differentiated offerings that ensure partner and customer success

  • A way to increase adoption of new products and services by addressing the complete needs of a business and becoming a trusted advisor

  • A channel for maximizing upsell/cross-sell opportunity by adding on premium services around products sold

  • A strategy for turning support from a cost center to a revenue generating line of business

The current roster of AppHelp partners includes Virgin Media, Windstream, Bell Alliant, Rogers, Telus, Videotron, Panda Security. Since being acquired by AppDirect, AppHelp has launched programs with Comcast, Cincinnati Bell and ADAR, Inc., offering a full suite of cloud enablement and support services including onboarding, migrations, training and ongoing support. AppHelp also specializes in consumer premium technical support (PTS) and enablement services for IoT and the Connected Home.

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About AppHelp

AppHelp delivers solutions that ‘help’ businesses and consumers be more successful with their adoption and use of the latest in technology and cloud services. By leveraging a unique combination of technology and human capital, AppHelp ensures customers have the support they need as they traverse the customer journey. With millions of technical support incidents solved and decades of experience assisting people with technology, AppHelp is proud to power the technical support programs for premier brands across the globe, including Comcast, Cincinnati Bell, Bell, Rogers, Telus, Windstream, Virgin Media, Panda Security and more.

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