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AppSmart Expands Google Offerings with Addition of Google Cloud Platform

October 14, 2021

New authorization bolsters AppSmart's existing relationship with Google for Google Workspace

SAN FRANCISCO – October 14, 2021 – AppSmart®, the leading source to find, buy and manage all business technology services, today announced it has completed its authorization to offer Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as part of its existing relationship with Google for Google Workspace. Now available on the AppSmart marketplace, GCP is part of the buyable services suite for Advisors who wish to market Google's expansive suite of cloud products and services—including computing, storage, networking, and identity and access management, and more (IAM)—to end users.

Cloud services have become a huge priority for businesses, with analysts forecasting 23 percent growth in public cloud services in 2021 to $332 billion. As companies make this shift to the cloud, technology merchants will need the ability to meet the rapidly rising demand for SaaS and IaaS. With AppSmart, Advisors can take advantage of a best-in-class experience that allows Advisors to automate billing, provisioning and management of cloud services.

“We’re excited to make GCP the latest addition to our SaaS and IaaS catalog,” said Herb Hogue, VP of Cloud at AppSmart. “We have a longstanding relationship with Google, and folding GCP into our capabilities will help us continue to build one of the best third-party cloud catalogs in the industry. Using this platform, Advisors and end users will have even more opportunities and options to innovate through the AppSmart marketplace.”

With its GCP authorization, AppSmart now offers solutions from the top three leading cloud computing platforms, including Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) from Amazon and Azure from Microsoft, in addition to Google. The authorization also underscores AppSmart’s strong ongoing commitment to further accelerate its broader initiatives to enable its Advisors to grow cloud revenue.

To learn more about GCP on AppSmart, visit the AppSmart Marketplace.

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