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AppDirect Grows Add-On Store with New Strategic Partnerships

December 9, 2020

Five new partners join company’s Add-On ecosystem to deliver new, in-demand capabilities and bolster a rapidly expanding catalog of partner solutions and integrations

SAN FRANCISCO, December 9, 2020 -- AppDirect®, the leading subscription commerce platform company, today announced updates to its Add-On Store, a robust ecosystem of partner solutions which provide specialized capabilities that can be quickly added to enhance marketplace functionality and the customer experience. These updates include an entirely new user-friendly interface as well as the addition of five new technology partners: WalkMe, Aptitude Software, Cloud Elements, BlueSnap and SPIRIA.

“We’re delighted to welcome our new partners into the flourishing AppDirect ecosystem and offer our customers even more partner solutions to build digital resilience into their business,” said Dan Saks, co-founder and co-CEO of AppDirect. “We’re committed to empowering our customers with best-in-class capabilities as they define and refine their marketplace strategies and subscription commerce initiatives with a truly integrated approach.”

Launched in 2019, the Add-On Store was built on AppDirect’s industry-leading platform, AppMarket, and includes close to 40 complementary partner solutions and integrations, including connectors to leading SaaS solutions across a range of categories, such as CRM, finance and accounting, and marketing automation. The newly announced partnerships unlock critical capabilities for AppDirect-powered marketplaces in the embedded training, revenue recognition, interoperability, and online payments categories.

  • WalkMe: Faster training and improved user experiences. AppDirect’s storefront toolkit tool gives customers complete control over the look, feel and navigation of their marketplaces. For many customers this means that their UI is constantly evolving. WalkMe is a digital overlay that sits on top of a marketplace to guide users as they complete specific tasks, whether they’re a third-party onboarding a product into the marketplace, a sales person making a sale or an end user accessing their apps for the first time. 

    “To keep pace with the speed of digital innovation, change needs to happen quickly—but the burden of learning a new system shouldn’t fall on the user,” said Rafael Sweary, President & Co-Founder at WalkMe. He adds: “By matching the capabilities of people with the capabilities of technology, we’re unlocking customer support cost savings of up to 50 percent, and up to a 35-percent increase in customer retention. We look forward to bringing the benefits of our Digital Adoption Platform to AppDirect.”
  • Aptitude Software: Revenue automation and compliance. When as-a-service revenue streams grow, so does complexity around revenue recognition and revenue management, particularly when products are bundled together and have different payment schedules. Aptitude RevStream is a SaaS solution that gives customers financial confidence by automating the end-to-end revenue management lifecycle, from contracts to compliance to financial close, and delivering trusted revenue insights.

    “Helping organizations as they digitally transform and shift to subscription business models is a passion we have in common with AppDirect,” said Jeremy Brown, Senior Vice President, Client Relationships and Partnerships at Aptitude Software. “As AppDirect supports their commerce needs, we support the automation of revenue management and are proud to demystify the host of subscription commerce considerations for finance teams, enabling them to achieve value beyond continuous compliance and helping them drive business growth.”

  • Cloud Elements: Monetizable integrations. Applications don’t exist in a silo; they are one part of a complex business IT landscape. Customers are increasingly asking for out-of-the-box connectivity between solutions and complementary products. Cloud Elements is an API integration platform that helps normalize the developer experience and productize integrations between solutions and customer and partner applications.

    “Users have different needs yet all demand a seamless experience, which is why a successful ecosystem is defined by the depth of its interoperability,” said Mark Geene, CEO at Cloud Elements. “We’re pleased to collaborate with AppDirect and its customers in order to reduce the pain, cost and complexity of integration and streamline innovation initiatives.”

  • BlueSnap: Fast acceptance for online payments. Many AppDirect customers start by deploying a listing marketplace before they make the jump to becoming transactional. BlueSnap, one of AppDirect’s payment gateway partners, has a turn-key integration with the platform so customers can quickly start accepting credit cards worldwide.

    “We’re thrilled to bring the All-in-One Payment Platform built for growth to AppDirect’s growing customers,” said Rachel Trueblood, SVP of Partner Management & Marketing at BlueSnap. “With just a single integration that simplifies global payment complexities, businesses are growing their bottom line and optimizing cross-border sales.”
  • Spiria: Customer-centric design and development. AppDirect-powered marketplaces offer a high degree of flexibility, and customers can take advantage of third-party firms to maximize customizations. To this end, AppDirect is now partnering with Spiria, a digital service firm, to help customers further optimize their marketplaces through UI/UX and software development.

    “User experience and intuitive design are shaping the future of the software-driven economy,” said Stéphane Rouleau, President at Spiria. “We’ve been working with AppDirect on their development projects for a while. We jumped right in when they asked us to help support their clients in creating customer purchase experiences that convert by providing them with custom built tools, human centered-design and a team of experienced software developers. 

Additionally, AppDirect’s new Add-On Store UI provides the flexibility of a website with the capabilities of a marketplace, with richer product profiles and fully customizable pages. It also features more educational content and customer success stories to help customers determine which solution might work for them, based not just on features, but also real-life success stories from their peers. 

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