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AppDirect Enters Japanese Market with Commercial Partnership to Drive Platform Adoption

October 14, 2021

AppDirect is marking its first commercial partnership agreement in the Japanese market with CUON and TerraSky to deliver the end-to-end customer journey

San Francisco - October 14, 2021 - AppDirect®, the leading subscription commerce platform company, today announced it has signed a new commercial partnership with CUON and its parent company, TerraSky, to expand its presence in Japan and deliver on the AppDirect mission to make technology universally accessible so anyone can thrive in the digital economy. This partnership is expected to help grow operations across the APAC region and deliver on an end-to-end customer journey to drive platform adoption across the region. CUON and TerraSky will be responsible for managing sales, project delivery, professional services, and technical support for AppDirect customers in Japan.

“Being able to provide a complete, end-to-end customer journey requires a strong foundation,” said Daniel Saks, President and Co-CEO of AppDirect. “It's important to have the right partners to enter new markets. Partnerships with CUON and TerraSky, which have a wealth of experience in e-commerce and cloud services, provide a powerful customer experience with our solutions. I am confident that digital transformation of customers' software and intellectual property will be realized and promoted."

AppDirect is making its entry into the Japanese market supported by a strong local partner that understands the market and can offer customers a high level of service and support. AppDirect customers will have local timezone and language support across customer success, professional services and technical support. Through this partnership, customers will gain access to greater choice beyond Japanese competitors that may have limited capability for a full marketplace platform.

“This partnership will be a critical building block for AppDirect as the company enters the Japanese marketplace,” said Masaru Morimoto, CEO of CUON. “We are pleased to combine AppDirect's product strength with our development and operations support services in the e-commerce space to help our customers transform their business models and the experience for their customers.”

“We’re thrilled to launch this new partnership with AppDirect as the company expands its client reach to the Japanese market,” said Ryuji Miyata, SVP of TerraSky. “As AppDirect enters the marketplace, TerraSky and CUON will be providing critical support to make the customer journey as strong and effective as possible. Together, TerraSky and AppDirect are working to make this entry into the market a planned and structured process, guaranteeing a seamless customer experience when choosing a platform.”

About AppDirect

AppDirect offers a subscription commerce platform that removes the complexity of building a recurring business model. Sell any product, through any channel, on any device—as a service. Our platform opens up endless opportunities for commerce innovation, giving businesses the freedom to grow. We power millions of subscriptions worldwide for organizations like Jaguar Land Rover, Comcast, Sage, Keller Williams, ADP, and Deutsche Telekom.

About CUON

Cuon, Inc. engages in the development and maintenance of web systems and provision of information technology solutions and services. Its products include Ruby on Rails, Salesforce, Elixir. The company was founded on January 26, 2010 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

About TerraSky

TerraSky Co, Ltd. is a cloud integration services company and has been providing support services for the implementation of cloud-based systems and the development of related applications as one of the consulting partners of since its foundation in 2006. With more than 5,000 cloud system implementations under its belt, TerraSky has experience with a wide range of development projects for companies big and small and in all kinds of industries. The company provides implementation services that efficiently improves system development with its knowledge and skills acquired from its various implementation experiences.

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