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AppDirect APIs Power Cloud Foundry Add-On Marketplace

September 9, 2013

Store for Third-Party Services Enhances PaaS, Leads Industry in API-Driven Software Delivery

San Francisco, California, September 5th, 2013 – AppDirect, the leading cloud service marketplace company, announced today that Cloud Foundry, a leading open Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) made available by Pivotal, has launched an innovative Add-on Marketplace powered by AppDirect Marketplace APIs. Cloud Foundry users can now use the Add-on Marketplace to find, purchase, and bind third-party services to applications—either from the marketplace UI or directly from the command line—making it even easier for developers to build, test, deploy, and scale applications. Cloud Foundry is the first AppDirect partner to utilize the AppDirect Marketplace APIs.

“‘Choice’ is a word that’s synonymous with Cloud Foundry, and now users will be able to choose from a range of valuable third-party services and seamlessly bind them to their applications,” said Daniel Saks, president and co-CEO of AppDirect. “We believe that API-driven software delivery will have a strong impact on the cloud industry, and we're pleased to see our Marketplace APIs being implemented in such an innovative way."

Announced earlier this year, the APIs open access to the entire industry-leading AppDirect platform, including its catalog of 150-plus applications. Through the APIs, Cloud Foundry is able to utilize the AppDirect platform for billing, single sign-on, provisioning, and other complex back-end functionalities while providing a seamless, fully customized front-end user experience. The Add-on Marketplace currently offers a range of services—including BlazeMeter, ClearDB, CloudAMQP, ElephantSQL, Load Impact, MongoLab, New Relic, Redis Cloud, SendGrid and Treasure Data—with additional products slated to be added on an ongoing basis.

In addition to utilizing the AppDirect APIs, Cloud Foundry has integrated its core platform with AppDirect. This enables any cloud provider that deploys an instance of Cloud Foundry to launch its own AppDirect-powered add-on marketplace. For ISVs, the platform integration eliminates the need to integrate their own products with different PaaS providers, since they can easily offer them through multiple marketplaces powered by Cloud Foundry and AppDirect. It also dramatically accelerates time to market for any cloud provider deploying an instance of Cloud Foundry with the aim of monetizing their cloud.

"Cloud Foundry is working with leading members of the community and our ecosystem partners to define open PaaS around the needs of developers. Open PaaS lets developers have a choice of application services to build and deploy rich web and mobile applications,” said Nima Badiey, business development lead at Cloud Foundry. “The Cloud Foundry Add-on Marketplace powered by AppDirect enables developers to add leading third-party services to their apps with a single click. AppDirect provides partners with a simplified distribution channel on our hosted service today, and in the future, on both our open source and commercial on-premise distributions. We look forward to working with AppDirect to promote the Cloud Foundry vision and continue delivering our technology in innovative ways."

Cloud Foundry is AppDirect’s first partnership with a PaaS provider and marks the company’s entrance into the PaaS sector, a market that is set to double to $2.9 billion by 2016. “We’re excited that opening our platform with APIs is also opening doors to new markets, such as PaaS. It demonstrates the versatility of our technology and underscores our position as the leading cloud distribution platform,” said Saks.

Recently named to JMP Securities "Hot 100 Software Companies" list and the CRN Cloud 100—alongside Citrix, Oracle, and Google—AppDirect powers the marketplaces of some of the largest service providers in the world, including Staples, Deutsche Telekom, TeliaSonera, Swisscom, and Rackspace. These marketplaces enable SaaS products from leading providers such as Microsoft, McAfee, Carbonite, WebEx, and more to reach almost 12 million end users in 80 countries worldwide.

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AppDirect is the leading cloud service marketplace company dedicated to revolutionizing the way businesses run. Its award-winning platform connects businesses, brands, and developers through a global network of partner marketplaces. Based in San Francisco, AppDirect powers the marketplaces of trusted companies around the globe—including Staples, Deutsche Telekom, TeliaSonera, Rackspace, Swisscom, Appcelerator, and more—and has helped millions of businesses discover, buy, and manage the best cloud-based software and services.

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