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AppDirect Announces Unification of its AppSmart Business Under the AppDirect Brand

October 18, 2022

Unifying under the AppDirect brand will fuel accelerated growth and innovation for technology advisors, buyers, and providers in a world-class B2B platform ecosystem

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, October 18, 2022—AppDirect, the world’s leading B2B subscription commerce platform, today announced plans to unify its AppDirect and AppSmart entities under the AppDirect brand. Until now, AppDirect has been serving technology advisors and their customers under the AppSmart brand. Customers will start seeing changes related to this alignment on the company’s platforms, website, and social media in January, 2023.

This is a significant milestone for the AppSmart business, which continues to see tremendous growth in helping technology advisors start and scale their business, powered by the AppDirect marketplace. Bringing AppSmart fully within the AppDirect brand – which is also currently seeing its strongest year of growth in its 13-year history – effectively connects and activates the world’s most dynamic B2B commerce ecosystem of technology advisors, providers and businesses built on the AppDirect platform.

The AppDirect platform powers more than 10,000 partners and 5,000,000 subscribers with tools to simplify and scale how they sell, buy and manage technology. Technology providers and enterprises also use the AppDirect marketplace platform to power their own custom B2B commerce ecosystems. With thousands of technology, energy, cloud and telecommunications products integrated on the AppDirect platform from more than 1000 providers, the AppDirect catalog is the broadest in the industry.

“We believe that the future of B2B commerce is in relationship-based marketplaces,” said Nicolas Desmarais, Chairman and CEO, AppDirect. “We’re seizing the opportunity to leverage our digital ecosystem and the relationships that have been built on our world-class platform between business buyers, advisors, and technology providers to fuel growth in the technology market on an unprecedented scale. We believe that this will act as a flywheel to generate innovation, opportunity, and cross-over value for everyone involved,” he added.

Businesses are under more pressure than ever to make sound decisions about their technology, and making it easier for them to procure and manage solutions through a single, cohesive AppDirect ecosystem will provide extra leverage to accelerate that success and provide even greater value.

“Business leaders come to TierOne for help navigating the crowded and competitive technology landscape,” said Richard Reding, Managing Partner of TierOne. "Our partnership with AppSmart has allowed us to expand our portfolio and provide value across more of our clients' tech stacks through the AppSmart Marketplace. We are excited for AppSmart’s upcoming unification with the AppDirect brand and the opportunity to offer more comprehensive SaaS solutions with even deeper levels of support than previously possible,” he added.

For software companies, cloud vendors and telecommunications providers, searching for new paths to monetization is a growing issue, as selling directly to customers and scaling their business to reach new markets becomes increasingly costly. In addition to building their own custom SaaS marketplaces and ecosystems on the AppDirect platform, technology providers will have greater access to a virtual sales force of technology advisors to help them jump start their ecosystem and sell their products to new markets that were previously difficult to reach, at a minimal cost of customer acquisition.

“We’re very pleased to see the AppSmart brand and business become further integrated into AppDirect. AppSmart has always had a very compelling mission and value proposition for telecom agents,” said Cary Tengler, Vice President, Indirect Sales, Comcast. “For years, telecom and IT solution selling has been on the verge of convergence, but still remain largely separate. AppDirect has the unique combination of technology, tools and people to finally make that convergence happen,” he added. “We’re both a customer and a partner of AppDirect, and we’re excited about the potential for AppDirect to leverage its marketplace and its vast ecosystem of suppliers and partners to dramatically shift how end users acquire and deploy IT and telephony solutions.”


AppDirect is a San Francisco-based B2B subscription commerce platform company that brings together technology providers, advisors, and businesses to simplify how they buy, sell and manage technology. More than 1,000 providers, 10,000 advisors and 5,000,000 subscribers rely on the AppDirect ecosystem of subscription marketplaces to power their innovation, growth, and success.

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