5 Reasons Why Consumer Models Don't Work for B2B Subscription Commerce

Today, chances are good that you’re part of the consumer subscription economy. Maybe you have an Amazon Prime account, stream Hulu, or listen to your favorite songs on Spotify. But selling, implementing, and managing recurring B2B digital products is entirely different than selling simple subscriptions to consumers.

In this webinar, Emanuel "Bert" Bertolin, AppDirect's Senior Vice President and General Manager of Provider Services, will give an overview of B2B subscription commerce. He will also detail five key reasons why a consumer subscription playbook won't work for businesses. Specifically, he'll cover how B2B subscriptions are:

  • More complex and multi-dimensional
  • Need more sales assistance
  • Often include the channel
  • Require seamless integration
  • Must accommodate a range of payment options

Get a better understanding of how to adapt to these differences and succeed in the new world of B2B subscription commerce.

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