Nail Your Marketplace Design

Tips for Designing a Best-in-Class Marketplace

First impressions matter and a good design will give visitors confidence in your product and in your apps. But with so many elements to consider, including images, videos, categories, tags, collections, filters, and text search, it can be easy to get it wrong.

In this webinar, Andrea Amaro (CEO of Marketplace by Design) shares best practices and gets specific about the categories, filters, and pages you should include in your marketplace. As she explains, there’s no one size fits all and there are many factors that will determine the design decisions you make.

You’ll learn to:

  • Maximize discoverability and usability of your marketplace

  • Build confidence and excitement around your marketplace

  • Design based on audience, ecosystem size and maturity

Follow these tips to provide your audience with a marketplace experience they will both love and trust.

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