Is Your Business Ready for Industry 4.0?

Discover How to Take Advantage of New Digital Opportunities

To compete in today’s market, manufacturers must digitally transform their businesses, but the journey is complex and many will fail. Learn how to simplify the process and lower the risk.

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Key Discussion Areas

The “Is Your Business Ready for Industry 4.0?” guide explores factors that are critical to successful digital transformation, including how to:

  • Monetize with the most flexible commerce platform on the market
  • Build a vibrant developer and partner ecosystem around your hardware and devices
  • Unlock new payment models across devices
  • Unite siloed departments under one comprehensive digital platform
Bird's eye view of a laptop with the AppDirect platform on the screen

"The proliferation of connected devices has opened manufacturing to software business models. These shifts are so profound that 52 percent of manufacturers say their businesses will not exist in their current forms in just five years."

Proven Platform for Manufacturing 4.0

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