Case Study: VodafoneZiggo

Improved customer experience with a new, easy-to-use marketplace

VodafoneZiggo is focused on becoming a platform telco, with digital services and a Go Digital strategy driving its efforts. However, its legacy implementation of a customer marketplace solution was limiting its ability to grow subscription revenue and expand its business customer base.

Learn why the Dutch telco leader migrated its business customers to AppDirect's best-in-class subscription commerce platform.

VodafoneZiggo migrating its business customers to AppDirect's subscription commerce platform

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Key Highlights

This case study details why VodafoneZiggo needed to migrate its legacy digital marketplace, why its team selected the AppDirect platform, and the results the company has experienced so far. Highlights include how AppDirect enables VodafoneZiggo to:

  • Improve customer experience with a new, easy-to-use marketplace
  • Onboard a customer-requested application in one day
  • Gain ability to bundle products

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“We were impressed with the ease-of-use for our customers and the ability to expand our product stack very quickly with the AppDirect platform.”