US Network Drives Double-Digit Monthly Growth

Expanding into new markets and making strategic hires

Taking your business to the next level can represent a challenge both strategically and financially, nonetheless US Network found the fast path to growth they were looking for. By partnering with AppDirect Invest, they were able to spin their sales cycle and close more deals faster while opening up high-value cross-sell opportunities.

Learn more about how US Network leveraged upfront capital and AppDirect's technology to thrive in the digital economy.

US Network Case Study

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What's Inside

The case study highlights how US Network was able to grow their business and become more competitive through AppDirect Invest, including:

  • Ability to retain top talent

  • Speed up efficiencies throughout the sales process

  • Access to a diversified portfolio and high-value cross-sell opportunities

"I can tell you we're up 22% to 25% month over month in overall volume since taking part in AppDirect Invest and leveraging the platform and team."

- Mark Venuto, Co-Founder, US Network