‘Purpose in Expenses’ maximizes growth and community impact

Innovative advisor transforms recurring technology expenses into community donations

“If everyone does a little bit, we can make a huge difference” says Jamie Bianchini, 'Purpose in Expenses' Co-founder. Jamie found a true partner in AppDirect which helps secure recurring monthly donations and fund important causes without end customers incurring additional costs.

Access to AppDirect's marketplace and expert guidance on Google, AWS, MS, connectivity, energy, mobility, infrastructure and other areas allowed him to drive efficiencies and re-focus efforts to provide a better customer experience.

Read the case study to learn how Jamie Bianchini "purpose-powers" customers' technology stacks to drive positive change in the world.

Purpose in Expense Case Study

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“We can go in and service the full spectrum of a company’s tech stack without them having to have all these relationships with different vendors.”

- Jamie Bianchini, Co-founder, Purpose in Expenses

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