Helping SMBs Be Successful with Cloud Generates Revenue and Profit for Comcast Business

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When Comcast Business decided to begin offering cloud services, it took a start-up approach that included experimenting with how to best sell and support SaaS applications. Within months of launching, the company recognized some SMBs wanted a do-it-with-me assistance model, while others preferred to opt for a do-it-for-me experience. Comcast Business knew it needed a trusted technical support provider to take its support operations to the next level.

This case study explores why Comcast Business decided it needed to work with a provider to offer activation and onboarding services in addition to its in-house support services. It also discusses how Comcast Business was able to:

  • Add premium services that are top revenue generators

  • Sell significant percentage of Office 365 licenses with AppHelp-delivered services

  • Achieve a 90 percent customer satisfaction rating and +77 Net Promoter Score